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        1. Core Value

          Initiative constitutes the base of Mingyang’s career, the roots of its corporate culture, and the soul and image of its development.

          Initiative constitutes the original force of Mingyang and its staff as well as the knowledge seeking.

          This original force origins from the endless and vigorous pursuit of Mingyang for an eternal undertaking in the economy,and represents its efforts of realizing the value of both the Company and its employees.

          So, with such concept and spirit of Initiatives, the Company has produced powerful energy and vitality, as well as passion and creativity.

          The high-level subjective initiative and the progressive spirit of pursuing excellence have formed the vigorous and endless corporate culture.

          Mingyang's Vision

          To build itself as a provider of world-leading intelligent energy system integrated solutions!

          To become an industrial leader in the new energy equipment in China with the highest potential in resources, the best product competitiveness and the most influential brand force.

          To create an international famous brand which is responsible, trustworthy, respectful and dignified!

          Concept of Talent

          Giving full scope to one’s capability and talents

          Concept of Service

          Moving clients with the Initiative service

          Concept of Quality

          Details decide the value of a company!

          Create the Mingyang brand which features excellent quality and rich connotation!

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